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For those who enjoy walking in close contact with nature, there are numerous trails prepared by experts in the San Bernardino area. You will have the opportunity to go snowshoeing on excellently marked trails while discovering the natural wonders surrounding the village

The village of San Bernardino, dominated by the Pizzo Uccello, has much to discover on a natural level. First and foremost is the breathtaking landscape characterized by raised bogs and marshy areas where one can venture even during the winter season. For example, with its ups and downs, the trail leading to the Pass through a landscape formed by hillocks is the largest site of its kind in Switzerland and therefore classified as being of national importance.

Winter snowshoe hike Confin

Versante innevato Rodond
mappa per le ciaspolate Confin Basso

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1.74 km

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26 m

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26 m

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Are you a nature lover and would like to experience an exciting winter snowshoe hike? The Confin trail is ideal for you! The trail begins and ends just below the arrival station of the Fracch – Confin gondola. It is a small trail, easy to reach and affordable for everyone, and well-marked. It is possible to interrupt it at the height of the treadmill. Throughout the entire hike, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Snowshoeing in Confin is an enjoyable experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the magical winter atmosphere and enjoy the pristine mountain scenery.

At our shop at the starting station, you can rent all the equipment you need for this small hike.

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