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Climbing and via ferrata

Bouldering in the lower Mesolcina and on the San Bernardino pass, where 15 bolted routes have also been opened, is the dream of every climber.

To discover the wild nature, you can enter the nearby Calanca valley, a silent Eden where the song of birds and the breath of the wind echoes between the ridges. Numerous sectors have been defined and almost 1000 total ascent lines, which with the addition of the new routes place San Bernardino among the most sought-after destinations for this discipline. The position of the blocks, at about 2100 meters, makes this area ideal in the summer: when the heat in the valley is unbearable, here, a few minutes from the Hospice of the San Bernardino Pass, a pleasant breeze always blows that ensures optimal conditions for climbers. The quality of the rock is very compact and for this reason it is also perfect for beginners. Even the most experienced climbers will find great satisfaction, especially in the lines above the long overhangs.