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Family vacation

Vacation time is family time, and families are always welcome in San Bernardino. The destination also offers numerous restaurants suitable for adults and children, as well as advantageous packages that also include accommodation.

SanBe Kids

bimbo che durante le vacanze in famiglia a san bernardino fa un attività: disegna, ritaglia e compone

Activities and recreation in the dedicated area in the center of the village, where children aged 6 to 11 can play in company supervised by qualified animators. In addition to educational and creative activities, there are also evenings (by reservation) with pizza, cinema and games.

Bike courses

Bambina sorridente in vacanza con la famiglia percorre in bici una pista ciclabile

To feel safer, you can rely on the San Bernardino School, a summer reference point for cycling. The program for summer 2024 includes bike camps of one or more days for children aged 6 to 13, bike tours for adults and children (from 14 years old), and tours designed for families.

Family Hotels

The historic hotel, in the heart of the village of San Bernardino, offers Alpine-style accommodation and numerous amenities that will make children and parents feel like they are on holiday. Located in the centre of the village, just a few minutes from the ski lifts and the start of magnificent trails, the Hotel Brocco & Posta offers a restaurant service, a pizzeria with a terrace, and a renovated Stube for classic dinners with a Swiss flavour. Possibility of overnight stay on a half-board basis with child-friendly catering and additional services.

Itineraries for families

cartello con picchio sulla diversità forestale lungo un itinerario per bambini


Forest Diversity

The “Forest Diversity” educational trail is a themed trail in the San Bernardino forest, perfect for the little ones. Along the route, which starts from the locality of Fornàs and ends at the Lagh de Pian Doss, there are scattered wooden signs that tell the story of the life of the inhabitants of the forest: squirrels, capercaillie, flying deer, woodpeckers and even mushrooms. If you still have energy, you can continue uphill to the mountain pasture and then return to the village by descending from what is a ski slope in winter, or walk along the circular path around Lake Isola.

un lama su un sentiero pronto a incontrare i bambini


A trip with the llamas

From mid-July to mid-August, alpacas and llamas come to San Bernardino to enjoy the climate and fresh mountain herbs. Walking alongside these animals in the unique landscapes of San Bernardino is an educational and fun experience for children. Before the walk, it is necessary to attend a meeting to become familiar with the animals. Each child must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

uno gnomo dell'itinerario per bambini vicino al lago


Path of the Gnomes

In San Bernardino, magic comes to life in the Path of the Gnomes, a simple circular route that starts in front of the Hotel Lido and runs along the Lagh de Pian Doss, which despite being swimmable has a summer temperature of just 14 degrees. During the walk through the trees, it will be fun for children to discover the four figurines of the gnomes hidden in the woods. Each character, of a different color, represents a natural element, has its own specific character, and is associated with the signs of the Zodiac.