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Water sports

In the two lakes of San Bernardino – the Lagh de Pian Doss and the Lago d’Isola – the peaks that embrace the two freshwater basins are reflected.

The two lakes combine the beauty of nature with a passion for sport. On these fresh waters it is possible to practice various activities, but also relax on the green shores of the lakeside with a good book or a good drink. Or both.

lettini per prendere il sole e pedalò sul prato che lambisce il lago doss


Near the Lido Restaurant, overlooking the Lagh de Pian Doss, you can rent pedal boats to explore the lake and its surroundings in a fun way.

la diga che contiene le acque del lago d'isola

Boat ride on Lake Izola

The beauty of an alpine lake, corners of green and blue to be discovered: Lake Isola is ideal for sailing enthusiasts.

un kayak arancio sulle acque del lago doss


There are many water sports that can be practiced on the Lagh de Pian Doss, including kayaking, the ideal way to discover the nature of San Bernardino from the comfort of your seat… on the lake.