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Island in San Bernardino (643 Switzerland Mobile)

A short and easy track to follow by mountain bike, ideal for families, around the artificial lake of Isola and in the woods of San Bernardino. The path winds along a road of about 7 kilometers, partly paved and partly unpaved but well trodden. It takes just 45 minutes to complete the tour, without stops.

Cross the village following route 643, well marked along the way: leaving the village behind you find yourself near a wooden house with the word “cassa” (used in winter for cross-country skiing): here you turn right passing in front of a farm where you can buy local cheeses, and cross the bridge that crosses the highway. Then keep to the left and after following the road for a few hundred meters, cross the dam of Lake Isola. From here begins an unpaved and more challenging piece of road, but the first hundred meters uphill immediately follows a flat, wide and pleasant stretch, ideal for enjoying 100% the splendid views of the lake and the waterfalls that draw from the surrounding peaks.

Cycle back in the direction of the parking lot at the entrance to San Bernardino. From here it is possible to reach the Sports Center along the river, or keep to the right and always arrive at the sports area but passing through the playground. This is an ideal solution if in the company of children, who will be able to take advantage of the games, the adventure trail, but also the bike courses for the little ones offered by the San Bernardino School right in the area of the Misox Bike Park.


Difficulties S0 – Easy


Distance 6.81 km


Duration 0:45 hrs


Highest point 1,650 m


Lowest point 1,590 m