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Skiing & Snowboarding

When the sun rises in San Bernardino, it’s not long before the perfect day of skiing or snowboarding begins. After a short cable car ride, you can ride wide slopes, blue, red or black. 

We have 45 kilometers of slopes between Confin and Pian Cales, 11 ski lifts, 70% of which are between 2,000 and 2,500 meters above sea level, making San Bernardino one of the most reliable winter sports regions to find snow in Italian-speaking Switzerland. As soon as the alarm goes off, you’ll be eager to hit the slopes.

Sci alpino
Alpine Skiing
Impianti di risalita

Ski lifts


Snowpark (coming soon)



Mappa piste da sci Confin e Pian Cales

After several years, the Confin ski resort has been added to the Pian Cales ski area, offering a total of about 45 kilometers of slopes, meeting the needs of skiers of all levels. The existing facilities will provide a functional service pending the development of the overall master plan currently under discussion with the relevant authorities and due to come to light in the next few years.

Night Skiing

Discesa in notturna Pian Cales San Bernardino con pista illuminata

For those who also want to have fun in the snow at night, the Pian Cales ski area is ideal for descents under the starry sky. Located in the center of the village, it has slopes of different levels and small ski lifts. The new Fun Park area, specially designed for the little ones and for familIies, also makes it possible to experience fun without necessarily having skis or boards on your feet.

Quando e dove


Dates 2024/25 season in definition

Pian Cales slopes
San Bernardino Village

Equipment rental

Don’t have any skis? No problem, you can rent all the equipment you need on site.

San Bernardino School

Want to improve your skiing? Sign up for a private or group lesson with a qualified instructor.