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E-Bike Rental

Mountain biking in the snow is another world of fun. With a few helpful hints you can go from snowplow to dust king even while riding an e-bike equipped with the right tires. Rent the right e-bike in the village center and have fun in the snow.

The San Bernardino Swiss Alps in colaboration with Merida Bikes offers the possibility to rent e-bikes suitable for snow hiking and having fun together pedaling in an enchanted landscape. Contact the Hotel Brocco & Posta facility or the San Bernardino Sport Arena Rent&Shop at the lift station to find out about rental arrangements.

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Helmet and E-Bike rentals can be made according to these rates

E-Bike – half day

CHF 40.

E-Bike – full day

CHF 70.

Helmet – half day

CHF 5.

Helmet – full day

CHF 10.



Contact the Brocco&Posta Hotel
Tel. +41 91 223 72 00

Equipment rental

Don’t have any skis? No problem, you can rent all the equipment you need on site.

San Bernardino School

Want to improve your skiing? Sign up for a private or group lesson with a qualified instructor.